2012 World Series, Game One

Pablo Sandoval

Pablo Sandoval crosses the plate after one of his record-tying three home runs in a World Series game. (DAVID J. PHILLIP/AP)

I was lucky enough to be at Game One of the 2010 World Series, when the mood outside the ballpark before the game was just amazing. Palpable excitement about a team that had survived its division race on the final day of the season and then rolled through the playoffs. This year was a bit different…this team did the opposite, rolling to a division title over the last couple months of the season but then needing miraculous comebacks to win both playoff rounds. There was less hyperactivity outside the park for Game One this year, at least before the game, but that all changed once everyone was inside and gametime approached.

Thankfully, after the 9th inning monsoon in Game Seven of the NLCS, the weather was perfect…a cool, crisp fall day in the City by the Bay.

There were so many terrific storylines this game, tops among them of course the historic game turned in by Pablo Sandoval. Three home runs in a World Series game in front of a home crowd. WOW. The stadium was thunderous…as loud as any venue I’ve been in, ever. Between that, the stirring pitching performances of Barry Zito and Tim Lincecum, the continued brilliance of Marco Scutaro at the plate and Brandon Crawford and Gregor Blanco in the field, Game One had something for every Giants fan.

The scene on Willie Mays Plaza after the game was like nothing I’ve ever experienced, including two years ago. There was a kinetic energy in the crowd. The crowd collapsed upon a trio of drum players who quickly whipped them into a frenzy, and suddenly hundreds of fans were in a circle around the drummers, chanting and bouncing and yelling. It was pretty amazing to experience. I can only imagine what a Series victory at home in Game Six or Seven would produce…

A few scenes from around the ballpark from Game One of the 2012 World Series, taken with my trusty (but sometimes shakily held) iPhone:

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