Random musings of an insomniac

Last night was one of THOSE nights. A splitting pain in the right side of my head…Excedrin did nothing for it. A few hours later, more Excedrin. I know, I know…caffeine in the Excedrin didn’t help the sleep issue. But the pain was serious, and Excedrin doesn’t usually keep me awake.

Excedrin Migraine

Yeah…these didn’t help.

As the splitting pain gradually subsided, the pressure built behind my forehead. An all-time sinus headache. Excedrin doesn’t cure that, but by the time I realized it was sinuses, I had already popped four Excedrin Migraine tablets. There would be no more medication tonight.

I was awake all night. And my brain was in high gear. It went something like this:

Win or lose, that was a fun Super Bowl. But so frustrating.

FIVE YARDS. Continue reading


PEDs: Here We Go Again

Yes, here we go again…

Just as the Super Bowl approaches and baseball’s spring training follows closely afterward, sports news is being dominated not by positive, feel-good stories, but by a gaggle of new allegations against NFL and MLB stars for performance-enhancing drugs.


ARod won’t be doing much smiling anytime soon.

First came news from Miami that a suspected PED-dealing doctor’s files contained some big names. Once again we see Alex Rodriguez among the suspected cheaters. No surprise there. Melky Cabrera and Bartolo Colon, two players whose positive tests and subsequent suspensions made news last season, are also among those named…which certainly doesn’t bode well for the others on the list. Gio Gonzalez, suddenly a 21-game winner last year, and Nelson Cruz, the 2011 ALCS MVP, are also on the list. And, along with these guys, others appearing in the files included the University of Miami’s longtime strength and conditioning coach; a Cuban boxer; and a professional tennis player who has already been suspended from tennis for trafficking in HGH. Continue reading